‘ Free No Charge’ Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth

Why would anyone offer Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy sessions for Free? No Charge!

Well, It’s my way of giving something back with something I do really well.

Unfortunately I can’t offer this to everyone ( I need to make a living too! :0)  ) so I am offering to help two or three people a week who really can’t afford even concessionary fees. Also they really have to want to change  quickly (and Yes that’s really possible) and turn up!

Here’s the thing though. It’s not really free.  What!!!!!!!

Have you heard of “pay it forward”? Basically, I help you and you in turn help two other people and if you can get them to do the same………….. In this way you are, in effect, paying for the sessions which I know you will feel empowered, not only for making changes in yourself but helping others who like you need a helping hand.

That’s right if you need help to change with the aid of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, for a few this will soon to be available in Bournemouth

Just so you know Nearly all of my clients achieve their results in only 3 sessions or less.

Whether you want hypnotherapy/hypnosis to…

Stop having a Phobia Lose Weight Overcome an Addiction Stop Blushing Stop Feeling Anxious Overcome Stress Develop better Habits Be more Confident Overcome Depression Increase your Self-control

…the list goes on and on and on

I can help you in two or three sessions.

You are the most powerful person in your life. Have you forgotten that? It’s easy to do. Or perhaps you’ve never realised that somewhere deep inside, you have the solution to every problem and the answer to every issue. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis helping anxiety

At Bournemouth Hypnosis Clinic our unique Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help you find that solution. Now is the time to find and be the real you and let go of fear, anxiety or whatever else is holding you back.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Ask your questions. Learn about what we do. Make an informed choice.
One of the reasons we are so successful is that we always offer you our Complimentary Initial consultation.

We insist upon it to ensure we are right for you and that you know you are doing the right thing. This is the perfect chance for you to get to know us and decide for yourself how hypnotherapy could be the right choice for you.

Whatever you decided, we will also give you a complimentary hypnosis CD, whatever you decide.

>>Click HERE to arrange your Complimentary Initial Consultation<<

When you do one of the above we will send you 2 hypnosis downloads with our compliments. Over 30 minutes of relaxing and feel good hypnosis!

Unlike many who have great words, we offer the simple truth..

We are totally confident we can help you, although if you expect us to wave a magic wand and you’re sorted then you may well be disappointed ~ we are great hypnotherapists not magicians.

We have seen our clients, with a help from us, make magical changes to their lives; changes such as letting go of 15 years of clinical depression, letting go of addictions to alcohol and drugs, develop lasting confidence and focus, overcome life-long phobias and more, all in as little as 2 and 3 sessions – check out our testimonial page for more accounts of our success!

If you want to change the way you feel quickly & comfortably, whilst being understood and supported, click here & arrange a complimentary consultation.

“Combining their passion and expertise in hypnotherapy using hypnosis with advanced levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)and Time Line Therapy ™ they have accelerated their competence to a level rarely found in the therapeutic or self-improvement community.”

A few kind words of appreciation

“Hi Paul, I just can’t thank you enough for helping me to beat my fear of flying. I was a bit nervous before my first flight after our hypnotherapy session, wondering if it would work, but the whole flight experience turned out to be a 90% improvement!!! The fear just wasn’t there anymore, and I nearly dozed off as the plane was going on the runway! During the take off my brain wanted to tell me “I should be scared now, this is when I usually start being scared!”, but the fear just wasn’t there anymore. Fantastic! Thank you for making this crucial change in my life!”

“Almost a month now without smoking. My breathing has improved by almost 20% and is improving daily. House seems much fresher and cleaner. Thanks for your help.” Smoking for over 50 years

What to expect at an initial consultation with Paul of Bournemouth Hypnosis Clinic

If you want to find out a little more about what happens at our inital consultation we have a pdf download that explains a little more of what to expect.
Click here to Download your copy

Dream ~ Excel ~ Create

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