The magic question Hypnotherapy in Bournemouth

What happened just before …………..?

We all know too well the feelings we don’t like to have. In fact that’s the bit we concentrate on, ask questions in our head like “why me? why is this always happening to me? what if it gets worse? And all this is so natural to us and everyone else and guess what? it really does no good whatsoever!!!!!

Here’s a different question to ask and one that I like to ask my clients

Well what happened just before the problem started?”

A simple question and generally there always seems to lead to a trigger in our lives that creates our issues. Maybe you can forgive GPs not asking this question in the 10 minutes they have to deal with their patients

Now the thing is, finding the trigger is one thing, it’s really a protection mechanism of the body and our unconscious mind. Getting that trigger to trigger off a better behaviour is the real key to success. If we spend just a little time, using our specially developed questioning we seem to find the cause as well. That’s why we rarely see our clients more than 2-3 sessions.

From there on it’s relatively easy to create the change both comfortably and easily that stays changed. Our metaphor is of a weed the more you pull the leaves the more leaves it seems to grow (the problem spreads to other areas of our lives) BUT when you pull out the root the weed and all its leaves disappear for good.

So I guess to sum up if you have a problem makes you feel bad or react in way you don’t like get in touch and ask if we can help. A consultation costs you nothing – It’s complimentary and it could just change your life for the better there and then. I know we can help if not personally we can help you find a way. Because that’s what we do

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