Oh No! Another cancellation

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I wrote this as a short blog a little while ago and the thing is it is totally relevant now too!

Have a read and see what you think you’re capable of achieving with just wanting to change and to do whatever it takes!

I am pleased to announce another three clients have cancelled their second appointment.


Because they have made the changes they wanted and more!

To give a taste of what one of our clients said in cancelling

Things have been going well. I have been sleeping until 6.00 most days – and have started a music diary, started writing some music and arranged social or special events all through September and October, even arranging visits to people I haven’t seen in a long time.

As a result I would like to cancel our meeting on Wednesday

would love to give a testimonial (i.e. the following)

The session was inspiring. The time line therapy brought up images I thought could never be made positive – but with your guidance I returned to them and they had changed into something fun and joyful. I’m very excited about what these changes can mean to my life.

Thank you.


I am so pleased to have been a part of these changes and to witness yet again more amazing results being achieved… Thank you

To keep this brief I have uplaoded the other testimonials and you are more than welcome to have a look here.

What would it be like to you if you were to make the changes in your life that you dare to dream of now. Well if you could imagine it why not contact us for an initial consultation and find out how.

How pleasure could you stand if you did?




Oh well, sometimes two sessions

Initially sceptical, I was immediately put at ease by the highly professional and informative approach from Paul at Cambridge Hypnotherapy. The consultation offered a great opportunity to find out more and I can honestly say that I have never looked back. After 2 sessions I have not only overcome short term hurdles but identified a path for longer term fulfilment. If you are reading this then the only piece of advice I will give, is to make the call. I honestly do no think you will be disappointed. Many thanks for you help Paul, it has allowed me to consider so many other opportunities and for that I am truly grateful.”

and three sessions

Having suffered from severe clinical depression for years & after
trying various things suggested by the hospital, my husband found
Paul’s web site. I am so glad he found it, after 3 sessions I have my life back,
I am excited about the future & actually feel happy.
A feeling I never thought I would feel again.
Thank you Paul, it is hard to believe now that a month ago I had no hope.
Now I can’t describe the joy that I feel. Thank you Paul. I had given up all hope of ever “living” again. You gave me back my life.
My husband keeps laughing & shaking his head as he can’t get over the change
of me being positive, getting excited & looking forward

This is not to blow our trumpet although I will admit that it’s really nice receiving great feedback ~ it’s really to let everyone know there is always the opportunity to change your life to the way you want it. All you have to know is that you really want to change now. Not wish, not try or any other way except to really WANT to and do what ever it takes.

Dream Create Excel”

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